Welcome.  My name is Zoe.  Originally I come from the UK, but I lived and worked in many countries before moving to Amsterdam which has now been my home for over 20 years. 

Since moving to the Netherlands I've been exploring contemplation through writing, photography and meditation.  Both writing and photography are, for me, complimentary activities, the one nourishes and inspires the other.   This site is the publishing hub; the place where the work becomes integrated and shared - whether in print or digital form.

The creative inquiry is as much into the landscape of consciousness as into the world around me.

If there is one word which encapsulates what photography is about for me, that word would be stil

The Dutch word stil can mean either 'still' or 'silent' depending on the way in which it is used.  Since I've been speaking Dutch for some years I've come to appreciate this merging of meanings.  Stillness becomes profoundly quiet.  Silence becomes motionless.

The practice of photography has been a way to immerse myself more deeply in stil-life. Places in which I have enjoyed taking photographs are graveyards, boatyards and beaches in winter.  But stil-life doesn't depend on any place; it is pure spaciousness; it depends on coming to rest. When effort dissolves, only absorption and delight are present and if an image communicates just a fraction of this, I'm happy.