What readers are saying about Book of the Heart:

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This is an absolutely beautiful book. Personal and self-revealing in style it brings the reader to a realm of experiene which the majority of us never enter. The resonance I felt was like a call to pause and just be, reflect on, and see my own journey for what it is. It was like discovering a parallel universe of meaning by peeking sideways at someone else living her life with its richness and pain and its own answers and rewards. (Peet Pearson)

This is a beautiful achievement.  It explores life episodes, writings and spiritual endeavours which have shaped the writer, and offers a tender guide to opening one's own heart.  I will come back to it many times.  (J.B.)

Book of the Heart really fascinated me. What intrigued me about it was the writer's constant quest for something deep and meaningful... her desire to make peace, to listen, to be guided and to struggle through a bad place in her life… I'm so amazed that she was willing to work so hard for it and also that she was willing to reveal the most intimate parts of her life and thoughts.  The book is so well written, profound and varied… I enjoyed it so much because... it spoke to me personally.   (Jane Campbell)

  Book of the Heart is a deeply moving and thoughtful book that enables the reader to explore, re-imagine and engage with their own life experiences.  It enabled me to watch and see my own life in new ways.  It is my hope that others will read Book of the Heart and see the many connections arising through our being alive, in relationship with self, with others and the energy of the universe.  (V.K.)

Many congratulations on producing such an inspired book. It was very thought-provoking... Much of it was very poignant as well as revealing. Use of language was utterly brilliant and I so admire how you translated feelings, emotions and experiences into such a readable text.          (Janice Salmon)

I absolutely loved Book of the Heart. I found it inspiring, amazing, recognizable in many parts, it often literally thrilled my heart, sometimes brought tears to my eyes, … it was really beautifully written and also therefore a joy to read.  (N.I.)


Lovely book... the writer ... describes her personal search process and how she found her way through careful observation, contemplation and still, silent looking without judgements. Sometimes this book put me in mind of Etty Hillesum who experienced much in the last world war, but never became bitter and retained her faith in 'life'... I found Zoe's book recogniseable because life does indeed have more phases than simply the well known three: education, work, pension...(Helena Imminga-Berends)

If this had been available while I was still running journalling workshops, I would certainly have used it with students.  (P.L.

Really impressive.  Very creatively written with great honesty and intensity (S.Coppens)

...wonderful book.  Profound and insightful... there was a pleasant vibe to it which kept me reading. Quite an achievement!  (Guido H.)