Book of the Heart A personal history of seeing

Zoe White

Book of the Heart by Zoe White, Cover Image

Inspired by people who have taken journeys in search of the contemplative life, Zoe sets out on her own explorations.  Early experience in a convent leads her to cross continents and learn new languages.  Images from Egypt arise, ancient portraits, ruined temples, a wandering monk and meetings with Zen masters.  Then clouds begin to gather: the loss of her job is followed by debilitating migraines and deaths in the family... Life seems to be falling apart and treatments are not working.  Now there is only one choice left: to give up hoping for a cure and change her way of seeing. From the silence of the cloister to the queue in the supermarket, contemplation emerges through the Book of the Heart as multi-faceted and many -layered; less a practice or a state to be achieved and more a process of deepening intimacy with senses we already have.



I regard Book of the Heart as an amazing, spirit-refreshing collection of 'snapshots' that reveal the nature of contemplative living... it will bestow rich blessings on 'readers of the Heart' everywhere.  -Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of English, The William Paterson University of New Jersey

This book is full of captivating, evolving, life experiences and insights.  The concluding chapter is a wonderfully succinct and penetrating articulation of what contemplation and spiritual community at their purest, really are.  Reading it has been a real gift to me, and I believe it will be for many others.  -The Rev. Tilden H. Edwards, Ph.D. Founder, Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation



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